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The Triplet Gems

The Triplet Gems

Presenting our exceptional product bundle - three life-changing books that have garnered worldwide acclaim and left a lasting impact on millions of lives:


  • 7 Habits of Most Highly Effective People:
    A top-seller and an all-time favorite, this book by Stephen Covey has transformed countless lives with its timeless principles.

    Its eye-opening, concise summary will guide you towards outstanding results, saving you time and energy while fostering positive change.

  • How to Win Friends & Influence People:
    With millions of copies sold, Dale Carnegie's masterpiece remains a top choice for personal development.

    The eye-opening summary empowers you to master effective communication, build meaningful relationships, and influence others positively, leading to personal growth and profound connections.

  • 12 Rules for Life:
    A global phenomenon, Jordan Peterson's book has inspired millions to embrace meaningful living.

    The easy-to-read summary presents transformative principles that empower positive changes and guide you towards a purposeful existence.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your true potential with this best-selling, life-altering bundle!

    ₹199.00 Regular Price
    ₹149.00Sale Price
    Taxes Included


    • Read in less than 12 minutes

    • Saves 16+ hours

    • Saves Rs 2000+ spent on print copies & books 

    • Covers all important insights & learning 

    • Visually appealing, easy to read & retain 

    • Instant Download

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